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Feeling stuck

Have you ever felt stuck?
Found it hard to get motivated?
Just can’t be bothered!

I have,and now trying to work through.

At the end of December the wife and I joined a Gym,great spending time with her and starting to get healthy at the same time.

Recording weight and calories and seeing improvements.

At the start of Feburary I felt not well and craved for chocolate and all the not so good foods to eat.

Then the cold and sore throat came out,which ruined all my hard work of the previous month.

Im starting to feel better,and still in the can’t be bothered mode.

How can I break this cycle?

One way would not to have a cold in the first place.

I have read that you can think yourself out of a cold,just by doing something you have been putting off.

I know I had been putting off telling family members of my intention to sell my business and relocate.

Maybe if I had done this I might have avoided a cold and not feel STUCK.

True I probably still would have caught the cold and true if I didn’t feel run down I may have avoided it.

Stress and worries make us feel run down.

Try to avoid these,only worry about what you can physically do something about,and do not put off difficult tasks or awkward conversations.

It maybe true,by dealing with situations straightaway,we can avoid becoming ILL.

On the road to recovery,”Yes I know it’s only man flu”,whatever makes us run down,at some point we have to make a start to recovery.

Take small steps
5 minutes exercise
Short blog post
Create a diary
Get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning
Use your alarm as on opportunity (What can I achieve today?)

I have started making my road to recovery-Gym this morning 321 calories burned (Whoop Whoop) and this post.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Ian Williamson


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