Start giving feedback to your employees.

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Feedback for your employees.  

What is feedback?

This is a 2 way conversation between you and your staff member.

On performance:positive/negative and behavior:Positive/negative.


Are they achieving targets that are set?


Do they have a positive approach to their job,are they arriving to work on time,are they team players etc.

Focusing on the behavior is much easier than the action.

For example:

Mary arrives late by 10 minutes to work,instead of asking why she was late,we say “Mary please do not be late tomorrow”then walk away.

What this does is concentrate on the behavior,which is Mary arrived late,this is not acceptable and,not the action of WHY!(because i couldn’t find my shoes and the car wouldn’t start).

Mary does not have a chance to engage you and now knows that arriving late is not acceptable.

If this is the first time Mary has done this,your approach should reasonably be light ,however still getting the message across.

If it was the third or fourth time,the approach would be the same but much more sterner.

This type of feedback is called “a shot across the barrel”

They now know what is expected of them and you have not had to go down the route of why!

If this behavior is still happening you may have to issue an informal action.

An informal action is a noted discussion:




Do you know what is expected of you?

Why did this happen?

What can we do help to stop this happening again?

An agreed action if this happens again.

Review date

Signed by employee

Signed by manager.

Using this form helps make an action plan with review dates.

Remember you are looking for change in BEHAVIOR,therefore if Mary was late 3 times a week and now its once,that is a change,ok not where you would like to be,however an improvement.

In your review in a months you will address this.

YOU must be committed to giving feedback and keeping to the reviews to change the BEHAVIOR.

If no improvement you have to go down the more formal route.

How do you give feedback?

If you have never given feedback before to your employee,You must give positive feedback first.

This must be done over a period time so that they can accept feedback.

Then you can bring in negative feedback.

Feedback by your employees first has to be accepted.

Giving poor feedback is as non productive as giving no feedback.

The best way to give feedback is by having one 2 one on a regular basis.

This works in two ways:

1.We can find out,what they have been working on.

What is going great and what is not going so well.

What their interests are inside and out side of work.

2.We can give them feedback on areas of greatness and areas where it is not so.

Set goals on development and where they would like to be.

One 2 ones do not need to be a lengthy process,between 15- 30min once a month.

If it is your employees first one 2 on2 this may take longer as you may have a few more questions  to ask to establish what their behaviors are and their needs/preferences.

Also to establish what behaviors are acceptable.

How do i prepare and perform a one 2 one.

Working on the basis that we need 30mins uninterrupted time with our employees.

The preparation should already be done by you and your management team observing and making notes on the employees behavior.

By doing this you are using real time situations which you can discuss and not hearsay.

10 minutes should be spent on what keeps them busy outside of work.

Here we can establish what their interests are and if they have any concerns that they need to discuss,which may affect their performance at work.

10 minutes should be  spent on what have they been working on?

What has been your greatest challenges?

How happy do you feel on a scale of 1 -10

What do you think the team morale is like?

What has been the greatest achievement you had this month?

10 minutes should be spent your feed back to them.

Any feedback you have observed,which hasn’t already been discussed with.

Whether they achieved any targets they set and how well they did.

Have they achieved their goals what were set from last month?

How well can i be a better leader for you?
Lastly a couple of minutes spent on what they would like to achieve in the next month.

To help with your ONE 2 ONE,ask your management team to observe your employees and provide feedback to you.

This is real time information which you can discuss with your staff member.

I use this feedback at the end of the ONE 2 ONE and it has a really positive affect.

By having a monthly one 2 one,you have a chance to praise great work and empower your staff,and also iron out at a very early stage any negative behaviors.

This is your chance to build a relationship with your employees,more important when it comes to their appraisal,there are no nasty shocks and you can concentrate on the positives.

Appraisals should be completed on a six monthly basis.


Thank you for taking time to read my article.

This is what works for me and has made my team ENGAGED & EMPOWERED.

Ian Williamson