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We all take what our love ones,colleagues & friends do for us for granted:
They pick us up when we are down,
Have our dinner ready,
Make our sandwiches,
Say “I love you”
Iron our clothes,
Help us out with a difficult customer,
Give us a lift to work or pick you up,

The list is endless.

Can you remember when you said”Thank you”

I listened to a podcast by the great man himself Zig Ziglar on the same topic last year,and he has a tip that I have tried.

My wife has always been supportive in what ever I have wanted to do and I can take her for granted.

Opening the car door is taken for granted.
Why not open the car door for your love one,the reaction from your partner,can be amazing.
She did think that I had gone mad!

After a moment of wondering what planet I was on,she said”Thank You”

It’s the simple things in life that make a difference.

Take the first step to say “THANK YOU” & keep saying it.

Ian Williamson