Small changes make a big difference

By Anthony Robbins.

“Small changes to make a big difference.”

Do you have a desire for results?

Some daily lessons in self mastery.

1.Dreams of destiny:
What’s your aspirations?

Maybe a dream you have forgotten about.

If that vision were alive today,
What would you want in your life if you could have it anyway you wanted it.

It’s not what we do once in a while that counts but our consistent actions that make the real difference.

Decisions not the condition of our lives determine our ultimate destiny.

The secret is to make a public commitment,one so forceful that you can’t turn back once you have made it.
What could you do,what could you accomplish if you invoked a similar level of passion,conviction and action to create unstoppable momentum in you life starting today.

Each of us are endowed with the resources to achieve whatever we dream of and more.
The flood gates can be opened to bring us either joy or sorrow,prosperity or poverty,companionship or solitude,along life or early death.

Challenge yourself today:
Do something you have been putting off,master a new skill.
Treat people with a new found love and respect and compassion.
Call someone you haven’t spoke to in years.

All decisions have a consequence in your life,even making no decision at all is a decision in its own way.
What decisions have you made or failed to make,that have powerfully influenced your life even today.
What new decision could you make RIGHT NOW!

We have goals whether we like them or not:
Paying the bills certainly lacks inspiration but is still a goal,they are not going to give you anything,they will only pull you down.
The secret to unleashing your true power is to set goals that are exciting enough to truly inspire creativity and ignite your passion.
RIGHT now consciously choose your goals:
Brainstorm everything worth perusing in your life and pick a single goal that excites you the most,something that will get you up early and keep you up late.
Assign a deadline for achieving it.
Then think about why you must attain it by that date:
Is it grand enough to push you beyond your limits to uncover you true potential.

Never leave the sight of a goal without taking some form of positive action towards its attainment.
Right now take a moment to define the first steps you must take to achieve your goal.
You cannot just write down a goal and say “I’m going to get it”.
The questions are what are you going to do today to move yourself forward,even a small step: a phone call,commitment,sketching out an initial plan will put you closer to your goal.

Now develop a simple list of things you can do everyday for the next 10 days.
These 10 consecutive days of action will create a chain of habits and they will begin to build for you that force we all need to succeed, unstoppable momentum .
This is what insures long term success,so begin creating that momentum RIGHT NOW!

If you first attempt at achieving your goal fails,should you give up?
Certainly not!
You should not be interested in the goal but be committed to it.
The short term quote failures have actually provided the necessary insights to create even greater success in your future.

FIND one that does for you right now.

What will be YOUR single goal?